Erwin Wilbrink


About me

About Erwin

Erwin initially got his Bachelor’s degree in Commercial Economics, with a special focus on SME’s and family businesses. He went on to get his Master’s degree in Organisational and Management Control at the University of Groningen. During his college years, Erwin gained experience working at several SME’s and family companies. After finishing his Master’s Erwin worked at the NCOI Group as a Management Trainee. At this company, he worked as a Project Manager and Business Controller.

Erwin’s link with Marktlink

“Entrepreneurship has always had my interest. The combination of financial, commercial and managerial aspects is what constantly makes entrepreneurship interesting and challenging. It requires you to have an analytical and prescient approach to things. These aspects also apply to the field of mergers and acquisitions, of course. That’s why Marktlink is perfect for me. We are involved in the entire M&A process from start to finish.”