Eleonoor Brinkman

Facility Coordinator

About me

Who I am

No-nonsense and being practical are words that characterises me and this matches my position perfectly.

What entrepreneurship means to me

Entrepreneurship is seeing and seizing opportunities. That does not apply to me as much, I always see trouble ahead. It's terrific to work at a company in which I can have the dissenting opinion for all those excited entrepreneurs within Marktlink who are always moving forward.

Why Marktlink is the place for me

No mountain too high and there is always a way. Two things that characterise Marktlink and that make me feel completely at home in my role as a facility coordinator. Creating a pleasant office for my colleagues and an inviting place for entrepreneurs to meet and negotiate is the reason why I think I have the best job within Marktlink.

“No mountain too high and there is always a way.”