Wouter Veldhoven


About me

Who I am

I'm characterised as being driven, down-to-earth and direct with a smile where possible. I'm motivated by efficiently solving complex issues for entrepreneurs who have poured heart and soul into their companies. On a personal level, I love playing sports and I'm an empathic person who enjoys it when each day is different.

What entrepreneurship means to me

Entrepreneurship is working hard and never giving up. Falling down but getting back up. Doing what 99% of others don't do or are afraid to do. I'm from an entrepreneurial family that works with bike carriers, wrenches and coolers, and it has taught me that from every product or service, a business can grow and anyone can add value if you put your back into it.

Why Marktlink is the place for me

I like Marktlink because of its personal and pragmatic way of advising clients. Connecting and working together on the best possible solution for each individual process.

“Entrepreneurship is working hard and never giving up.”