Laurens Meeusen


About me

Who I am  

I am very curious by nature and am interested in a lot of things, which is why I am so excited about my current job. My job gives me the opportunity to learn more about different industries. I enjoy having contact with different entrepreneurs, each with their own unique perspectives on entrepreneurship and their specific areas of expertise. Talking to them gives me valuable new insights. My goal is to use these insights to achieve the best possible result for the client. Besides my passion for M&A, I find peace and satisfaction in the charming “koekenstad” (literally: cake city) of Antwerp, which has been my home for the past few years. In this city, I enjoy local culture and discovering new restaurants and fun coffee bars. From art and history to vibrant creativity, the city has so much to offer. 

What entrepreneurship means to me 

To me, entrepreneurship equals a healthy dose of guts and courage, which not only allow us to recognise opportunities in our environment but makes us willing to take risks to seize these opportunities. In addition, I see entrepreneurship as a learning process of trial and error. We can only grow by taking action, while many people only see the final success and not the challenging road preceding it. As someone with a great affinity for entrepreneurship and an entrepreneurial mindset within Marktlink, I understand the importance of being proactive and embracing challenges.  

Why Marktlink is the place for me

What I like about Marktlink is the combination of financial knowledge and the strong focus on commerciality. While a company's figures say a lot, Marktlink understands that entrepreneurs need a partner to put these figures in the right perspective. I am proud of my contribution to several projects and the appreciation I have gotten from clients.  

“We can only grow by taking action."