Koen Dollekamp


About me

Who I am

Ambition, dedication and perseverance: always try to keep improving and achieve new goals and increase performance this way. I'm a team player, reliable and calm: I take responsibility where necessary, I'm practical, action-oriented and problem-solving. I'm service-orientated and helpful: paying attention to what others are saying, understanding the message and translating it into actions. What motivates me is helping people, getting positive feedback and noticing my own development.

What entrepreneurship means to me

For me, entrepreneurship means freedom and independence, and the opportunity to make an impact on people.

Why Marktlink is the place for me

What I like about Marktlink is the networking opportunities, the independence and the opportunity to grow within an innovative company and, above all, to work for many different companies and gain experience.

“To me, entrepreneurship is the possibility to impact people."