Jonny Parkinson

Managing Partner

About me

My motivations

I’m driven by a passion to build a market-leading M&A team with an unwavering commitment to achieve the ambitions and desires of our clients. I’m fortunate to work with incredible colleagues who challenge me on a daily basis to ensure we are delivering on and exceeding the expectations of our clients and who share the same commercial, pragmatic approach that allows us to build a strong rapport with the business owners that we are fortunate to work with. Outside of the office, my wife is my biggest supporter, particularly during the early years of establishing the UK office, and I can often be found in the green fields of South Manchester with my dog, Ziggy, clearing my head and often coming up with my best ideas.

My link with entrepreneurship

For me, entrepreneurship is the drive, fortitude and courage to pursue your ambitions and ideas. Having worked with a multitude of business owners in different spaces, I have seen first-hand that the trait that is shared amongst them all is the conviction in their own beliefs and ambition to convert these beliefs into successes. From establishing Marktlink’s first UK office in Manchester, I have seen how difficult it can be to establish a business in a new market and how important it is to have the confidence that what you are doing and delivering can make a difference.

My connection with Marktlink

I was drawn to Marktlink by a shared conviction in two key principles – cross-border dealmaking and a down-to-earth approach to deal advisory. On the latter, our ethos is to endeavour to work with business owners and entrepreneurs on a personal level and to adopt a commercial and pragmatic style in getting deals done, which is replicated throughout the team. For the former, we have already seen successes in leveraging our network on the continent to provide mutually beneficial scenarios for owners in the UK that can utilise an international buyer to fulfil their own growth objectives. I’m proud of how our UK team combine both these principles to ensure a successful collaboration with our clients.