Gert-Jan van Holten

Associate Partner

About me

Who I am

I'm an unorthodox thinker and I get excited when I can make a real difference, together with an entrepreneur. I am fond of travelling and have a great passion for music, driving my motorcycle and boxing.

What entrepreneurship means to me

To me, entrepreneurship stands for facing challenges head-on, travelling the road less travelled and working your fingers to the bone to achieve and celebrate success. Ever since I was 18, I have worked almost exclusively for owner-managers and I became an entrepreneur myself in 2018.

Why Marktlink is the place for me

Marktlink has an unorthodox approach and attitude towards the market and its clients. Marktlink's growth in the UK and the Masterclasses we are trying to make successful over there, based on the Dutch Masterclass recipe.

“Entrepreneurship to me means to travel the road less travelled.”