Corne van der Zee

Software Engineer

About me

Who I am

I like working on a good technical solution for the issues/challenges we face as a company. That way, together, we can make processes that work, without losing our personal touch.

What entrepreneurship means to me

My affinity with entrepreneurship lies in the fact that I don't just build technical solutions, but also understand the needs of colleagues. This way, I make software that really adds value. I am willing to take risks, experiment and learn from my mistakes in order to contribute to the success of my team and Marktlink as a whole.

Why Marktlink is the place for me

In my job, Marktlink offers me a wide variety of work. For example, I come into contact with the work that managers and consultants do in the M&A field, but I'm also involved with the work that the financial or marketing departments do. This way, each day is different, and my work is innovative. I am proud of making software that can support colleagues.

“I don't just build technical solutions, but I also understand the needs of my colleagues.”