Nelly Teppich

Allround Marketeer Germany

I’m originally from Berlin, and spent a few years in England before coming to the Netherlands in 2016. During a degree programme in Social Politics, I discovered a different passion: online marketing. I got intrigued by the power of effective communication and reaching target groups in a strategic way. This discovery changed my career path and shifted my focus to the world of marketing.

During my career, I worked in several industries, but always with a strong focus on the German market. My specific knowledge of the German market and my understanding of cultural nuances enabled me to develop successful marketing strategies and to help companies to access and expand in Germany. I strongly believe in the power of local expertise and adapting marketing efforts to the specific needs and preferences of the target group.

I would describe myself as a passionate entrepreneur who will never shy away from a challenge. These past years, Marktlink underwent impressive growth, and these characteristics of entrepreneurship and determination are firmly rooted in the company culture. With my specific knowledge of the German market and online marketing, I’m convinced that I can contribute to the further expansion and future-proofing of Marktlink.