How to sell a company?

The sale of an SME may be a “once in a lifetime” event. It requires preparation, patience, and knowledge. It’s an extensive process and not to be taken lightly.

At Marktlink, we assist owners who are selling a business. As consultants, it’s our job to ensure clarity, focus, and structure to help achieve the right result. With our experience and knowledge of multiple sectors, we can support business owners throughout the entire process. And after another one of our many successes, we can get together and toast the entrepreneurial adventure and signing a great deal!

Why should I sell my business?

There are many different reasons to sell a company. For some, the sale marks the end of a long career. For others, it’s the prelude to a completely new challenge. At Marktlink, we’ve had the privilege of working with many business owners, and their insights have shown us the most frequent reasons for selling a business. Do you recognize any of them? If you do, why not get in touch with us so we can set up a meeting.

Your company has grown rapidly, time has passed, and you’re spending less and less time setting up and creating the business and more and more on day-to-day stuff. Time for a new challenge.

You’re preparing to retire or ready to start working less. This could be the perfect moment to sell some shares and arrange a pre-exit.

You want to explore a different sector, try out a new job, or escape the world of work for a while.

There is a consolidation battle taking place in some sectors as new entrants emerge onto the market. Would the future be brighter if you joined forces with another company?
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When will I be ready to sell my company?

You may think you’ll never be ready to sell your company. After all, you put your heart and soul into this thing. But with good preparation, a good plan, and a great sales partner, you can open doors to all kinds of new opportunities. Selling a business isn’t the end, but a beginning.

Of course, it’s important the company is ready to sell. Our specially-designed Ready-to-Sell test is free to use and will help you work out how to maximise the value of your company. The questions are based on our previous experience and the tool is constantly updated. Would you rather exchange ideas with one of our advisors? No problem. Our specialists are happy to dive in and help you find out whether your company is ready for sale and what the best strategy would be.

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What is my company worth?

It’s a common question, and we can give you an answer very quickly using our Marktlink Multiple tool, which provides an indication of your company value based on market data, and is updated every three months with current figures and trend forecasts. You just need your company’s EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortisation).

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How can I sell my business?

A company sale can take place in several ways depending on your wishes, the current structure of the company, and your vision for the future. Some possible strategies are:

Management Buy-Out (MBO)

An MBO is an acquisition of your company or company unit by incumbent management.

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Management Buy-In (MBI)

An external manager or management team buys your company and forms a new management team for your company.

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You sell part of the value of your company but keep working. The full takeover is finalised once you retire.

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A 100% transaction

You sell the entire company to an external party.

The best deal is the one that satisfies your needs as a seller and secures the future of your company.

Who can I trust to sell my business?

The business owners who come to us count on our extensive knowledge of all these strategies and their effective implementation. We currently supervise more than 100 business acquisitions per year.

If you are looking for a partner with experience, in-house knowledge of multiple sectors, and a high success rate, Marktlink is for you. We have been around for 25 years and have achieved more than 1,000 successful acquisitions. We will support you and be involved in the sale from start to finish. We have the right people in-house to get the most out of every step of the process.