What do you need to work on to increase the value of your company? The specialists at Marktlink can give you that insight by means of a practical test.

How ready are you for the sale of your business? Take the test

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Marktlink’s team consists of over 200 enterprising M&A professionals who guide entrepreneurs through the buying and selling process of their company. Take the test and find out how ready you are for a sale.

Sell your business

How soon would you like to sell your business?


What is the number of FTEs in your company?

Company age

What is the age of your company?


How would you describe your company's profitability in the past three years?

Turnover development

How would you describe the development of your turnover in the past three years?

Making your company ready to sell

There are various reasons why you would be considering selling your company. For example, you may be approaching retirement, or you may want to convert all (or part of) your business into equity. Before a company is ready for sale, however, certain preparations will have to be made. What will you do with stock, for example? What is your company’s worth and what will it cost to make your business ready to sell?

Maximising business value

Some entrepreneurs want to sell as soon as possible, others want to let their companies grow a little further before selling. Whatever your personal consideration, the time has come to work on the course of your company. You can maximise the value of your company now and cash in in the years to come. You can create between 10% and 30% more value by preparing your company for a possible sale. We are happy to assist you in this process.