International company acquisitions

The number of international company acquisitions has shot up significantly over the past few years. This trend is also reflected in the results of our Marktlink Company Acquisition Monitor, in which we survey more than 1,000 entrepreneurs across Europe for their views on market developments. If you’re an entrepreneur harbouring growth ambitions beyond your national borders, you’ve come to the right address at Marktlink. With multiple offices across Northern and Western Europe, we offer the best possible knowledge of local markets.

Why an international company acquisition?

A company acquisition outside of your own country can be an interesting prospect for various reasons. It gives your company access to a larger network, and often, your first steps across the border offer a springboard to even more international opportunities. Partnerships with international parties can work in your favour when it comes to specific knowledge or technologies. The benefits don’t stop there: increased revenue and specific tax advantages are just some of the other aspects to consider. At Marktlink, international transactions are no longer the exception: around 70% of our deals now involve international parties. What’s more: generally speaking, we’ve noticed that offers are higher when international parties join the fray.

Where can you find an international partner?

Whether or not you harbour any specific growth ambitions abroad, we will always make the most of our extensive international network in our search for suitable candidates. As a result, you can make a deliberate choice to extend your search to the international market depending on your personal preferences and situation. As Marktlink has a foothold in several countries, our advisors are well-versed in the trends and developments occurring in your sector in the relevant country. From our very first phone conversation, we will make sure that any differences in language, culture and regulations do not present an obstacle during the process.

What does an international company acquisition involve?

When thinking about doing business abroad, you may spot extra risks that stop you from taking the step as an entrepreneur. These may come in the form of political circumstances, natural phenomena or evolving economies. The difference in corporate culture may also be a cause for concern. From experience, we know that there is no reason whatsoever for these risks to put you off an international acquisition. Risks cannot be excluded, and a business acquisition within your own borders also involves a certain level of uncertainty. With Marktlink, you can rest assured that we are fully aware of everything that’s going on in the country in question. We will offer you an honest and independent risk analysis that also covers any external factors that may have an impact.

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International network

As a member of the Geneva Capital Group, Marktlink has access to a high-quality international network of more than 17,000 other members. These members include accountants, tax experts, legal experts and M&A advisors in more than 89 countries. As a consequence, we can draw on a huge database of potential buyers and acquisition candidates. Within Geneva Capital Group, Marktlink partner Tim van der Meer chairs the Mergers & Acquisitions Practice Group. As the exclusively selected acquisition specialist for the Netherlands, Marktlink plays a very active and prominent role in this international network. Not only does this make it easier for you as an entrepreneur to meet foreign buyers and sellers of companies via our foreign colleague firms, but the tax and legal services involved can also be handled more easily by a reliable party.

Marktlink is your partner

If you have any questions about a company acquisition or would like to explore the options for an international company sale or purchase, take a look at ourinternational deals and feel free to contact us anytime. We will always consider your personal preferences and ambitions in our expert and independent advice.

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