PS. food & lifestyle finds partner abroad in Dr. Rimpler

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PS. food & lifestyle finds strong partner abroad in Dr. Rimpler

There are many ways to expand the activities of your business abroad. The most common one? To buy a foreign company. But what if the business you want to acquire does not exist? Stephan Hinneman, CEO and partner of PS. food & lifestyle, was looking for an international distribution partner with a strong network, to bring PS. food & lifestyle’s concept to the attention of its existing customer base. And with success! Dr. Rimpler proved a perfect match.

PS. food & lifestyle helps people to develop a healthy lifestyle. The company offers a comprehensive concept with matching products, that it gets to the consumers through independent coaches. In general, these coaches are dieticians or work in the sports or beauty sectors. “With that starting point in mind, we explored the German market”, says Arne Pastoors, who supported PS. food & lifestyle on behalf of Marktlink. Stephan: “To build a strong sales network, we were looking for a suitable partner with a foot in the door at thousands of addresses in comparable segments.”


Assisted by Marktlink Düsseldorf, PS. food & lifestyle met with multiple candidates in the sports, beauty and lifestyle sectors in Germany. Among them cosmetics brand Dr. Rimpler, an established name in Germany. “A great many cosmetics businesses in the Western world focus on outer health. They are good at creating and selling skin care products, but neglect inner health. With our help, PS. food & lifestyle was looking for a partner with the same passion and vision: both outer and inner health are equally important. Dr. Rimpler fits into this picture perfectly.”

“To build a strong sales network, we were looking for a suitable partner with a foot in the door at thousands of addresses in comparable segments.”

– CEO Stephan Hinneman about the growth ambitions of PS. food & lifestyle

As it turned out, Holger Westenbaum, CEO of PS. food & lifestyle Deutschland knew the father of owner and founder of Dr. Rimpler. It was his favourite physical education teacher in school. That broke the ice nicely and ensured a smooth acquaintance. But what in particular made the cooperation with Marktlink special? “Usually, we are not involved in this type of issues at all, it was neither a sell-side nor a buy-side mandate. But looking for a distribution partner is actually very similar to looking for a buyer. It is our job to find the best match, across the border as well. And if that concerns a cooperation rather than an acquisition, we will take care of it.”


The cooperation benefits both PS. food & lifestyle and Dr. Rimpler. Dr. Rimpler saw a great deal of potential to get more from their contacts with beauty salons. Now the business gains more value from their visits, offers its customer base a broader product and achieves higher revenues as well. In addition, it provides PS. food & lifestyle with many more, and well-qualified leads. Win-win!

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