Are you ready to sell your company?

Are you ready to sell your company?

Selling your company is not something you do every week. The process can be exciting, life-changing – and a little daunting. We at Marktlink understand this more than anyone. We also know that it’s vital to plan every detail of the process well in advance. The sale of your company can’t be done on a whim: it takes time and thorough preparation. Are you considering selling your company – if not now, perhaps in a year or two? Take our two-minute test to find out if your company is in good shape for a sale. There’s no obligation, and the insights we gain from it will help us support you if you do decide to sell your company in the near future.

Timely preparation adds up to 30% to value

You can’t sell a company overnight. You can expect it to take six to nine months, or even a year. But before you finally take the leap, there are things you can do to maximise its valuation. With the right preparation, you could be looking at an increase of up to 30%. That’s certainly worth having!

Ready for each step

Deciding to sell your company isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. There’s an emotional side to it, on top of the business considerations. And it’s different for every entrepreneur: you might want to sell your company as soon as possible, or you might want to build things up to a specific level. It’s also important to think about your expectations. Are you planning to cash out all or part of your company? Are you using the sale to secure retirement income? The more preparations you make – both business and emotional – the better the overall result. And Marktlink will be happy to guide you through the process.

Is your company ready to be sold?

Before your company is completely ready for sale, there’s a lot you need to do around employees, stock, management, profitability, and other issues. What does your company need to make it ready for a sale? Our test will give you an insight into how realistic your plans are, which steps you can still take, and how to take them.

A complete set of tools for a smooth sale process

It can be a pretty intense journey, but you can call on us for expert advice throughout the process. Even if you’re not quite ready to sell, we’re happy to help. Marktlink’s consultants will advise and assist you in preparing your business for sale. We’ll understand and respect your business and personal choices, help you map your expectations, and give you clear, no-nonsense advice. No jargon, just clear straightforward steps, and practical tools for a smooth course of action. We’ll help you take this momentous decision with confidence – it could be the deal of a lifetime!