Zeb de Haas


About Zeb

Zeb studied at the University of Amsterdam where he completed his master’s in Business Administration in 2021. During his studies he focused on the field of mergers and acquisitions. What particularly appeals to him in M&A are the financial and commercial aspects in combination with the human factor. After completing his studies, Zeb joined Marktlink as a Consultant in October 2021.

Zeb’s link with Marktlink

“After my studies I was looking for a great place to launch my career in the M&A world. Through the Kennemer Golf & Country Club I came into contact with Tim van der Meer from Marktlink and got to know the organisation. What a vibrant company! From the very first moment I was warmly received and became enthusiastic about Marktlink. This feeling was only strengthened during the job interviews and the further introductions. The energetic people and enterprising character in particular really appealed to me. I am now a member of the team and I am proud to be able to work together with my passionate colleagues to guide and support entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams!”