Youri Livius


About Youri

Youri obtained his master’s degree in Financial Economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. After his master he gained professional work experience at FrieslandCampina. Since July 2021 he has worked as a consultant at Marktlink.

Youri’s link with Marktlink

“My interest in Marktlink stems from my commercial and financial background. I am also highly motivated to combine my analytical skills with my social abilities. During my studies I came into contact with M&A a lot, which is why I became very interested in this sector. The absence of an industry and business focus means that at Marktlink you can come into contact with a wide range of companies, for which you can work at a high level both financially and strategically. This, together with the dynamics that the short turnaround time of a transaction entails and the relevance of the work due to the many interests within a transaction, means that I cannot imagine a more challenging working environment. A positive point for me personally is that merger and acquisition advice is truly Marktlink’s product, in contrast to other finance positions, where finance is more of a supporting role within a company.”