Winand Leenaars


About Winand

Winand studied International Business at the University of Tilburg. During his studies he already developed a great affinity for Corporate Finance and the M&A market in particular. In order to specialise further in this field, Winand followed a second master, Financial Management. There, his passion for the M&A market was further reinforced. After travelling through South America for a few months, Winand started at Van Oers Corporate Finance in Breda in 2010. The first years as an acquisition advisor and from 2016 as a transaction manager. In his role as transaction manager, Winand was responsible for various national and international acquisition projects. In 2017, driven by his passion for acquisition, Winand was one of the founders of M&A in the South, a strong network of M&A professionals in the south of the Netherlands with annual, successful events.

Winand’s link with Marktlink

“In the past 11 years I had already come into contact with Marktlink on a regular basis. The segment in which Marktlink is active and the entrepreneurial culture within Marktlink appeal to me greatly. And after more than 11 years, the M&A process still gives me a lot of energy. Working with entrepreneurs and striving for joint success gives me energy. I will never get bored with the diversity, the complexity and the cooperation with entrepreneurs and professionals.”