Wilmar van der Meulen


About Wilmar

After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in International Business, Wilmar decided to pursue a master’s degree in Finance at the University of Groningen. During his studies, Wilmar was actively involved in organising various activities for the Financial Study Association FSG. Partly as a result of these activities, Wilmar’s interest in the world of mergers and acquisitions was born. As a Frisian born and bred, he chose Marktlink’s branch in Drachten.

Wilmar’s link with Marktlink

“Since childhood I have experienced the various situations and emotions involved in entrepreneurship at our kitchen table. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, my father often took me to visit various SMEs in the north of the Netherlands, where the passion that the various entrepreneurs had for their businesses often left a deep impression on me. Marktlink offers me the opportunity to develop myself and to work with entrepreneurs in the region where I grew up and where Frisian down-to-earthness still prevails.”