Ward Put


About Ward

Ward received his bachelor’s degree from the Hotel Management School Maastricht and then completed a master’s degree in sustainable finance at Maastricht University. Throughout both his bachelor’s and master’s degree, Ward completed several internships at both small and large consultancies, where he developed his passion for SMEs and the M&A market. Especially the diversity and intensity behind the M&A profession, combined with the human aspect, appealed to Ward. After completing his master’s, Ward joined Marktlink as a consultant on 1 October 2022.

Ward’s link with Marktlink

Marktlink’s down-to-earth approach, personal commitment, and boundless ambition, both at home and abroad, match Ward’s character perfectly. Because of his master’s degree in sustainable finance, Ward is genuinely interested in the many ways in which sustainability issues are changing the M&A market. Closing valuable deals whilst paying attention to the principles of sustainability greatly appeal to him. Another reason why Ward is so enthusiastic about Marktlink is the Marktlink Academy, which includes several training courses that guarantee a very steep learning curve.