Tim Rikmenspoel

Senior lawyer

About Tim Rikmenspoel

After his studies and military service, Tim started working as a lawyer in The Hague in 1995, in BarentsKrans’s litigation and corporate law practice. He went on to work in business, including international business, at Omni Bridgeway as a corporate lawyer. During his short time at the law firm of Nysingh in Zutphen, he got to know Marktlink, which he joined in 2002. He worked there until 2008, at the Deventer and Gouda branches.  After that, he started a one-year training course that is required in order to become a judge at the court in The Hague. With this experience under his belt, Tim joined the law firm of TeekensKarstens in Leiden in 2009 in the international litigation and advisory practice. In 2014 he returned to Marktlink, this time at the Amsterdam office.

Tim’s link with Marktlink

“I came into contact with Marktlink because, as a lawyer, I was providing legal assistance with takeovers for Marktlink.  The approach, drive, knowledge and team spirit at Marktlink really appealed to me. The contacts with customers and businesses were just as important, and just as much fun. That’s why I switched to Marktlink in 2002. And I had fun working here for the next six years. After a course of study on the judiciary and almost five years as a partner at a law firm, I started to miss all of this again. So I was really pleased to return to Marktlink. My goal is to bring acquisitions to a successful conclusion with an eye for the customer’s needs and to have fun in the process. And I like to keep in touch with customers afterwards.”