Tijs Berg


About Tijs

Tijs obtained his bachelor’s degree in International Business at Saxion in Deventer. After this, he successfully completed his pre-master and master’s degree at the University of Twente. He specialises in Financial Management. During his studies, he did multiple internships at Van Lanschot Bankiers to develop his professional skills. He wrote his thesis on the sustainability of Van Lanschot’s private mortgage portfolio. After completing his studies, he came to work for Marktlink.

Tijs’ link with Marktlink

“I first came in contact with managers from Marktlink during my internship at Van Lanschot. These employees excited me because it is a relatively young company with ambitious goals and ambitious people. The first link had been established. What excites me the most, is being in direct contact with the entrepreneur and having a direct influence on a transaction. That is exactly what is possible at Marktlink, right from the start.”