Teije Hiltermann


About Teije

In 2015, Teije started his training at the university of Groningen, where he studied International Business. During an exchange at the Hanyang University in South Korea, he was given an interesting business case, in which he was to pitch and value a company. After that, he decided to proceed his career in M&A. After getting a master’s degree in Finance, Teije joined Marktlink Mergers & Acquisitions in 2021.

Teije’s link with Marktlink

“My family acquainted me with entrepreneurship at an early age, and I experienced its highs and lows, and the emotions involved. It is great to see that same passion of entrepreneurs who put their heart and soul into their own business. This mentality is fairly absent in large corporates, and so Marktlink’s focus on SMEs attracted me from the beginning. After my studies, the office in Drachten offered the perfect opportunity to work with these entrepreneurs, without having to leave the region I have such strong ties with.”