Stan Plomp


About Stan

In 2017, Stan Plomp started his Bachelor Economics and Business Economics at the University of Groningen. As part of this bachelor, he followed a minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. During this minor he spoke to many entrepreneurs about their passion for business and entrepreneurship. He found these stories of entrepreneurs absolutely fascinating. In 2020, Stan started with the Master in Finance. With the optional subject Corporate Valuation he got a good impression of the world of mergers and acquisitions.

Stan’s link with Marktlink

“From childhood I worked at a machine manufacturer nearby. In 2021 this company acquired another machine manufacturer. This acquisition process ran parallel to my master’s and it was incredibly interesting to see how the entrepreneurs came to an agreement for acquisition.”

“Marktlink’s down-to-earth and involved way of working is right up my street. In the same way, I hope to guide entrepreneurs in great deals, with the Marktlink team.”