Simone Kriekaart

Senior lawyer

About Simone

Simone first went to the Windesheim University of Applied Sciences where she studied Management, Economy and Law before going on and getting her Master’s in Private Law at the University of Groningen. After concluding her studies she took a job in the insolvency department of the Benthem Gratama law firm. If you’re an entrepreneur, bankruptcy is something you absolutely want to avoid. Eventually, the step towards Marktlink was an easy one to make. Simone says: “along with my colleagues and the client we work towards a good and positive end result: the sale or acquisition of a company.”

Simone’s link with Marktlink

“I’m from a family of entrepreneurs, and that mentality and interest were given to me by my family. This is obvious in my choice of education. For example my specific interest in corporate law. That’s also why I did my thesis on the subject of corporate law.”

“I first came into contact with an acquisition process when I worked as a corporate lawyer at a legal consulting firm. I consulted several entrepreneurs regarding corporate issues. My enthusiasm for the M&A field was immediately sparked. To be employed at the specialist in the field of mergers and acquisitions where consultancy and legal guidance is located under the same roof, it’s unique and special. It’s a great challenge and an amazing opportunity to develop myself as a specialist in this field within Marktlink.”