Sem Wouters

Junior lawyer

About Sem

Sem studied Management Economics and Law. After passing his propaedeutic year, he started looking for another challenge and started his bachelor’s degree in law at Tilburg University. Tilburg University made sense because, after a year and a half, he could choose the specialisation of corporate law. The next step was a master’s degree in law. Alongside studying for his master’s degree, he worked full-time on the IBOR project (integral public space management) at Rabobank. Here, he gained knowledge and experience in the field of financing documentation.

Sem’s link with Marktlink

“While studying for my master’s degree, I came into contact with mergers and acquisitions and my interest was piqued. My interest stems from the fact that mergers and acquisitions touch on all aspects of corporate law. After working for the bank for a number of years, I could not resist making the transition to the interesting world of M&A. Marktlink offers me a great opportunity to work in an ambitious environment, containing a lot of knowledge and experience which can help me develop myself into a specialist in this field. I look forward to using my talents in a multidisciplinary and international environment and to achieving the best possible results for the entrepreneur.”