Sam Luijkx


About Sam

After completing his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Sam chose to study Strategic Management at Radboud University. Once he became acquainted with the M&A profession, he decided to continue studying and successfully completed his master’s in Corporate Finance & Control in 2021. During his studies, Sam continued his development, for example by means of an internship at EY. After completing his studies, he chose to further explore the world of M&A at Marktlink.

Sam’s link with Marktlink

“I first came into contact with the mergers and acquisitions sector during my first master’s degree. This interest never left me and joining Marktlink was a logical choice for me. I find the broad range of tasks, in which both commercial and financial skills are important, very interesting and challenging. Marktlink is the ideal place for me to work in this wonderful field with driven and passionate entrepreneurs.