Ronald van der Graaf


About Ronald

After an initial technical education and career, Ronald van der Graaf started taking evening courses in Secondary Education In Economics And Administration in 1986. He followed this up with evening courses in Higher Education In Economics and Administration, focusing on Business Economics and Accountancy. He then completed three postgraduate courses: Registered Accountant at Tilburg University, Registered Controller at the Free University of Amsterdam, and Registered Valuator at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Before joining Marktlink, Ronald was Unit Leader in Corporate Finance at Grant Thornton and, before that, a partner at Diligence for about 10 years.

Ronald’s link with Marktlink

“As a manager, and an entrepreneur and sparring partner with directors/major shareholders, Ronald has assisted many companies in buying, selling and mergers as well as in attracting investors for start-up and acquisition financing. In addition, he has experience in the field of restructuring and restarts from bankruptcy, including a successful restart by means of a pre-pack.”