Rombout van Gent

CRM Marketeer

About Rombout

Rombout completed his Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Marketing Management at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. During his master, he deepened his knowledge of Data Analytics and Customer Behaviour. As a student, he joined a software company in Rotterdam, in various roles in the field of Operations Analytics and Project Management. In 2022, Rombout joined Marktlink as a CRM Marketeer.

Rombout’s link with Marktlink

“Anyone telling me a few months before I started at Marktlink that I would be making the switch to the M&A world, I would have given the odd look. During my studies I wasn’t at all attracted to the world of finance and had virtually sworn it off, but Marktlink really changed my mind. No boring balance sheets and crunching numbers for a business valuation, but a dynamic world full of entrepreneurship, ambition and unique stories. And for me the challenge of how to reach this market in a smart, data-driven way, without losing our personal approach.”