Remon Lustenhouwer


About Remon

In December 2012, Remon Lustenhouwer finalised his Master of Science in Financial Management at the Nyenrode Business University, specialising in business valuations. His experience as a headhunter combined with his technical background is of use to him in several areas in the M&A profession. As a partner, he supports multiple buy and sell transactions.

Remon’s link with Marktlink

“When I think about entrepreneurship, I see the image of inspiring and hardworking people. Every person has his or her own story. “What drives that entrepreneur?” and “What is the story behind this company?” are questions that I ask myself daily. In part because of my head-hunting activities, I gained insight into and was touched by, the profession of entrepreneur that is both challenging and fascinating. This feeling was strengthened by my masters’ research into the psychological aspect of business valuations. What value does your personal experience bring to your company? Therefore joining Marktlink felt like a logical next step for me; supporting entrepreneurs during the buying and selling of a company.