Petra Wijnholds

International Talent Acquisition Manager

About Petra

After het communication studies and internships abroad, Petra was introduced to the recruitment profession at Randstad. Other recruitment agencies soon followed. Then she left for the tropics for a few years, to work as an HR manager for a luxury resort. After returning to the Netherlands, she launched herself into interim recruitment to provide a range of businesses and organisations with scarce talent. Her hart is in recruitment. To help organisations and talent grow is what drives her.

Petra’s link with Marktlink

“In 2017, I was engaged as an Interim Recruiter at Marktlink, to put recruitment on the map and to secure talent from the market. This proved a great success. After two years and after recruiting many new colleagues, the department was where it should be. Now that Marktlink is growing even faster internationally, I get back on board to flesh it out. And of course I would not refuse a challenge like that. Certainly not when I get the opportunity to work with a dream team for the longer term. The Marktlink culture in particular, in my mind characterised by its entrepreneurial mindset, makes me feel at home here.”