Michiel Knubben


About Michiel

Michiel Knubben did his degree in Banking & Finance at the Amsterdam Academy and then studied Business Economics at the Free University of Amsterdam. During his studies, he worked at the Rabo Order Line and as an advisor at Fortis Investments. After completing both degrees, and having travelled for six months, he started his career at Rabobank. After three years of being involved in corporate finance across all sectors, Michiel decided in March 2009 to move to Grant Thornton Corporate Finance. Since then, he has been involved in various purchase and sales transactions, company valuations, financing and restructuring processes (including pre-pack) – and he also set up the Debt & Equity Advisory within Grant Thornton. From within this speciality area he has built up an extensive network in the world of finance, in particular with private-equity and venture-capital entities. In 2014 Michiel completed the training needed to become a Registered Advisor in Business Succession.

Michiel’s link with Marktlink

“It was during my studies, on the study trips I would take, and in the business courses I took, that I had my first exposure to mergers and acquisitions. These are complex processes in which the subject matter is combined with process guidance, creativity, networking and communication between parties, each of whom has something different at stake. In acquisitions there’s a lot of stop and go, the ultimate goal being to satisfy the customer and bring two sides together. In particular, the attention that SME entrepreneurs pay to the human aspect in a takeover process is key, and that really appeals to me. What drives an entrepreneur? What’s keeping them awake at night?  But also, of course: Is the business model future-proof? This entails advising them on their passion – doing business – but then offering advice during the most vulnerable phase of the entrepreneurial cycle. Marktlink’s professionals are enterprising and energetic. But the most important thing is that we really make a positive difference and make successful transactions happen for entrepreneurs. It’s our drive and our focus that allows me and my colleagues to make all this happen.”