Max Kaagman


About Max

Max was born and raised in Haarlem. In 2014 he moved to Groningen to start his studies in Business and Retail Management, an education with a strong focus on entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship has always played an important part in his life, from very early on. His parents started their own business, this strongly impacted Max’s way of thinking. Working on your own, having discipline, taking initiative and not being afraid to take a risk or two. During his studies, he spent six months in Hong Kong where he managed the marketing and sales of a small company.

Max’s link with Marktlink

After his bachelor’s in Groningen, he went on to do his master’s in Financial Management at Nyenrode. “My choice for Marktlink is in line with earlier choices I have made in my studies and matches the mentality that was given to me by my upbringing. Entrepreneurship and a young, ambitious environment draw me in. The knowledge I have gained during my studies and my personal experience with entrepreneurship are two things I can actively apply to my advisory in Marktlink’s transactions.”