Maarten Grubben


About Maarten

Maarten completed his bachelor’s degree in business economics and his master’s degree in finance at Tilburg University. He spent a semester studying abroad at the University of Ottawa in Canada, during his studies. In addition, he managed an academic consultancy firm in which SME entrepreneurs were helped with business challenges on a project basis. During his master’s, Maarten focused on corporate acquisitions and valuations through his electives and thesis and worked at Holla Advocaten in Den Bosch in a finance and control position. After completing his master’s degree, he started working as a consultant at Marktlink.

Maarten’s link with Marktlink

“Entrepreneurship is at the heart of Marktlink and that is something that attracts me. Working with passionate entrepreneurs and supporting them in the growth and further development of their businesses, combined with the analytical and financial side of an acquisition made me eager to join Marktlink. During my time at an academic consulting firm, I worked with many different entrepreneurs. Their passion and drive to move their business forward give me the energy to further develop myself in the dynamic and challenging world of mergers and acquisitions.”