Luka van Munster


About Luka

Luka first obtained his bachelor’s degree in Economics & Business Economics at the University of Utrecht. He then did an internship at Metyis to gain professional work experience, after which he successfully completed his master’s in International Management at the University of Amsterdam. After obtaining his master’s, he joined Marktlink in January 2022.

Luka’s link with Marktlink

“I first came into contact with the M&A profession during my studies. I then started looking for a company where I could develop both the analytical skills I acquired during my studies and my commercial skills. So Marktlink was a logical choice for me since it offers me the opportunity to combine these skills. Every day I have the pleasure of working with passionate entrepreneurs who trust me to guide them through one of the most important moments in their lives: the sale or purchase of their business. It gives me a lot of energy to work with talented and enthusiastic colleagues to achieve the best deal for the entrepreneur.”