Lisanne Hermeler

International Marketing Assistent

About Lisanne

Lisanne studies International Business & Entrepreneurship at the EuroCollege in Groningen. After finishing different internships, focusing on marketing and entrepreneurship, in the Netherlands and abroad, Lisanne chose to do her final internship at Marktlink. Within Marktlink Lisanne will be working as a marketing intern. To complete her bachelor’s degree, Lisanne will write her thesis for Marktlink, at the end of her internship.

Lisanne’s link with Marktlink

“I have been interested in the mergers and acquisitions market for quite some time. I first came into contact with Marktlink in 2020, when I visited the office in Deventer with my then-internship supervisor. Immediately I became excited about Marktlink and it became my goal to do my final internship with this great company.