Laurens Decraemer


About Laurens

“After obtaining my master’s degree in Business Administration at KU Leuven, I started my career at one of the Big Four firms as a Financial Auditor. After working there for almost a year, I got into contact with somebody from Marktlink. With the ambition to work closely with entrepreneurs and work on deals, I decided to join the firm as an M&A consultant.”

Laurens’ Link with Marktlink

“What I like about working for Marktlink is that the job is very diverse. Each deal is different and because we go through the whole process from A to Z, the work never gets boring. What I also noticed, is that you get a lot of responsibility, right from the beginning. To give an example: after a couple of months, a Marktlink partner asked me to pitch an important investment proposition to some of the biggest private equity firms in Belgium. At first, this responsibility felt a bit overwhelming but in the end, you end up with a more diverse skillset. Looking towards the future, my ambition is to become an expert in the field of M&A and my goal is to become a partner and open a local office in Flemish Brabant. Belgium is a country full of SMEs, so I believe there are a lot of growth opportunities for Marktlink.”