Lars van Marrewijk


About Lars

Lars got his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, followed by a Master’s in Finance and Investments. He gained his first finance experience through a traineeship at PwC. Combine that with three years’ experience at Beequip, a Rotterdam FinTech leasing company for the SME-market and you’ve got the full package with a clear affinity for entrepreneurship and a solid base of financial know-how.

Lars’ link with Marktlink

“What appealed to me most in Marktlink is a pleasant atmosphere and the shared enthusiasm within the company. Marktlink offers a good mix of analytical work and hands-on cooperation with its clients in what is probably the most exciting and impactful time of their lives. The dynamic aspect of mergers and acquisitions paired with the interaction with entrepreneurs gives me a real boost and solidified me in my choice for Marktlink.”