Kai Fang Ting


About Kai Fang

Kai Fang Ting studied Business Economics (magna cum laude) at KU Leuven, after finishing his Bachelor Applied Economics at UHasselt. After his studies Kai Fang joined EY M&A, where he worked as an M&A analyst for eighteen months. In 2018 Kai Fang chose to continue his career as an Investment Analyst at family office Saffelberg Investments. In 2020 Kai Fang decided to return to M&A.

Kai Fang’s link with Marktlink

“After four years of experience in M&A and investment, during which I was primarily able to build up in-depth financial expertise, the time had come for something more entrepreneurial. As a son of an entrepreneur I want to develop myself more broadly than analysing financial figures. Marktlink offers a combination of entrepreneurship, independence and commerce that you will not encounter as much in other financial businesses. In addition, I had worked closely with Filip Mariën at EY and had wanted to continue this cooperation.”