Joséphine Bourgeois


About Joséphine

Joséphine obtained her bachelor’s degree in international business at the Karel de Grote university and later obtained both master’s degrees in business administration in corporate finance and in international relations. During an internship, she gained work experience in M&A – she did an internship at The Capital Link to put her theoretical knowledge into practice. In addition to her internship, Joséphine was part of Capitant, the largest finance-oriented student association in Belgium. People describe her as being entrepreneurial and proactive, with a hands-on mentality.

Joséphine’s link with Marktlink

“Marktlink has from day one offered the unique combination of the financial and commercial aspects of M&A. Besides guiding and supporting entrepreneurs during the process of a business acquisition, there’s an entrepreneurial atmosphere at Marktlink. The corporate culture is a perfect fit for me; no-nonsense and hands-on, with an emphasis on a steep learning curve. You are constantly surrounded by dedicated and ambitious people, all striving towards the same goal which encourages you to put your best foot forward.”