Joeri Goulooze


About Joeri

During my Bachelor International Finance & Control in Breda I have done several internships at various SME firms in the Netherlands and abroad (Curaçao). Also, as a part of this bachelor, I studied at the University of Cagliari in Italy for a semester. After completing this programme, I joined an American multinational in an accounting role, where I came across mergers and acquisitions. I then started a master’s programme in Finance at Tilburg University to expand my knowledge of business acquisitions and company valuations. After completing my master, I joined Marktlink as an M&A consultant.

Joeri’s link with Marktlink

The M&A process is diverse and it combines strategic, commercial and analytical aspects. Furthermore, at Marktlink you work together with a wide variety of entrepreneurs in various industries where personal contact plays an important role. The combination of the versatility of the M&A process and the social aspect of this process is what attracts me to this field. It gives me a lot of energy to further develop myself and work together with colleagues and clients to achieve good results.