Jens Struving


About Jens

Jens studied Industrial Engineering and Management in Eindhoven. With this background, he worked as an engineering consultant in Singapore, Shanghai and South Africa. After this, he obtained his master’s degree in Strategic Management, with Finance as his additional course, from Tilburg University. During his master’s degree, he started working for an M&A firm. Later, Jens transferred to a venture capital firm, focused on tech start-ups and scale-ups. However, his love for M&A proved too strong, so he started working for Marktlink.

Jens’ link with Marktlink

“While studying Industrial Engineering and Management, I was active as a student private chauffeur for an entrepreneur in the process of selling his company to a private equity firm. I saw firsthand how the M&A deal impacted him. That is where my love for the M&A field was born. Each M&A process combines strategic, commercial, analytical and personal aspects. The combination of the professional versatility of the M&A process and the social/personal aspect really appeals to me. It gives me energy to work with my colleagues to achieve the best result for my clients.”