Jeffrey Scholtens


About Jeffrey

After completing his bachelor study in Sports, Management & Business at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science, Jeffrey finalised his Master of Science in Financial Management at Nyenrode Business Universiteit in early 2014 on the topic of Net Working Capital in SME companies. In April 2014, Jeffrey joined Marktlink as an Analyst. During my master thesis, I came into contact with SME entrepreneurs. Deriving from these conversations, I noticed that both SME entrepreneurship and sports have one important similarity, namely passion. Just as an athlete puts a lot of passion in his/her sport, an entrepreneur has an enormous passion for his/her company. This creates a uniqueness in the contacts with SME entrepreneurs.

Jeffrey’s link with Marktlink

Applying the acquired academic knowledge to the more practical and diverse side of Mergers & Acquisition in SME is a great challenge, in which I became very interested during my studies at Nyenrode. The professional environment of Marktlink, with its young and dedicated team, brings out the best in oneself, creating a real winning mindset.