Janniek Sanders


About Janniek

During my Entrepreneurship & Retail Management studies at the Fontys Hogeschool in Eindhoven, my interest in entrepreneurship developed. By starting a student business, I got a taste of entrepreneurship and the possibilities and obstacles it entails. After completing my bachelor’s degree, I was looking for more depth, so I followed a master’s in Strategic Management at Tilburg University. My thesis focused on the effect of different aspects of M&A on the operating result of European SMEs.

Janniek’s link with Marktlink

My interest in Marktlink arose during my bachelor’s studies. After attending a presentation about Marktlink, I knew that M&A was the field I wanted to work in and that Marktlink would be the perfect place to do so. The M&A process is multifaceted and combines strategic, commercial and analytical aspects. In addition, you are in direct contact with the entrepreneurs and the personal aspect plays an important role. What appeals to me about Marktlink is that it is a company for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. The company is ambitious and progressive and is constantly looking for growth for both its clients and its employees. Working together to achieve the best possible results for Marktlink’s clients is an important motivator for me.