Jacco Schudde


About Jacco

Jacco grew up in Zwolle and he studied International Business and Management at Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Deventer. After completing his studies, he further developed in the field of finance, by studying for his master’s degree in Business Administration at the University of Twente, with a specialisation in financial management. During these two studies, Jacco gained work experience at EY and UpWider Consulting in Brussels.

Jacco’s link with Marktlink

“During my studies, I became very excited about the M&A field. What I like about this field is that it is so diverse: from personal contact with passionate entrepreneurs to the figures and the analytical aspect of the process. Besides, I have experienced close up, from both my parents, what it means to be an entrepreneur and what it entails. I look forward to working with passionate entrepreneurs and finding suitable solutions for their questions and challenges.”