Fredrik Jonker


About Fredrik

After graduating in Management Economics and Law in Groningen he left in 2001, seeking more in-depth knowledge in business administration at the Radboud University of Nijmegen. After completing both studies, he joined Artesia Bank in Amsterdam as a trainee in Corporate Banking in 2003. After a year of internship, he left for Enschede to start working as an account manager for medium-sized and large companies. His activities included structuring complex constructions for financing international trade flows, working capital financing and real estate financing. Furthermore, he was involved in several acquisition financings and the acquisition and integration of the bank by General Electric (GE). During his employment at the bank, he took various internal and external courses including a bank management course (Dexia University, Brussels), transaction financing, acquisition finance (AIF, Amsterdam) and other professional banking courses (NIBE-SVV). After working at the bank for six years, Fredrik went international in 2009 in former East Germany at Aldi Nord. In his job as ‘Assistent der Geschäftsführung,’ he had the opportunity to see various aspects of the company and obtained knowledge and (management) expertise in Retail and Logistics. He joined Marktlink in 2010 and has been involved in a large number of acquisition transactions. Based on his down-to-earth Twente upbringing and his interest in people and companies, he embraces his profession with a lot of drive. During transactions, he always focuses on the objectives and on the elements that connect the parties. According to Fredrik, the key to a good acquisition transaction is all the parties feeling like they have made a good deal.

Fredrik’s link with Marktlink

“The first time I was introduced to the profession was during my studies in Nijmegen where I followed the corporate finance course with great interest. After my course on this subject (valuation of R&D expenditure within the pharmaceutical industry) I was introduced to Marktlink when my father sold his construction engineering company. The buying party (management) was advised by Marktlink. To witness this complex process, including all the emotional aspects, from such a close vantage point, and to be able to act as a sparring partner, was a wonderful experience. I was hooked on the mergers and acquisitions profession from then on.”