Filip Mariën

Managing Partner

About Filip Mariën

Filip Mariën studied economics in Antwerp and has focussed on mergers and acquisitions since 2005. Until the end of 2018, he was M&A director at EY. He has an affinity with acquisitions of SMEs and extensive experience in international transactions. He was responsible for mergers and acquisitions between European companies and companies in sub-Saharan Africa, to this end, he lived in South-Africa for a number of years. He joined Marktlink as a partner in 2018, and is responsible for the development of the Belgian branch of Marktlink Mergers & Acquisitions, together with a team of M&A specialists.

Filip’s link with Marktlink

“I have experience in supporting acquisitions of both large corporates and small and midsize companies. My focus has long been on the SME market. Meeting passionate entrepreneurs fascinates me immensely. Martktlink is a young, dynamic player in the market. They are no doubters, but doers. I consider the introduction of Marktlink in the Belgian market as a wonderful opportunity to build something up from a clean slate. Independently and competently, we wish to provide answers to the questions and challenges entrepreneurs have in the area of succession and acquisitions.”