Ferry Nahon

Managing Partner

About Ferry

After graduating, Ferry Nahon joined ABN AMRO in 1991. In his early years at the bank, he focused on many courses and workshops. Ferry later worked in business account management, wherein 1995 he was introduced to mergers and acquisitions of small and medium-sized firms, initially on the financing side, but later on also on the investment and mediation side. It was there that he fell in love with the acquisition business. During his final years at ABN AMRO, Ferry was introduced to Marktlink, where only six people worked at that time. After a number of years during which he collaborated on a business level with Marktlink, he joined the company in 2000 as a partner. Over the following years, many deals were completed, the organisation grew and became professionalised. Looking back, Ferry remembers fondly the early years of entrepreneurship; the pioneering, selecting, hiring and training of staff, building and expanding networks, building a brand. Today Marktlink is an organisation of 40 people that looks very different to the company Ferry joined, but what remains is entrepreneurship. As both manager and partner, Ferry has been involved with dozens of buy and sell transactions: from large to small and across nearly all sectors. Nevertheless, every acquisition is unique, and this is what Ferry enjoys most.

Ferry’s link with Marktlink

The emotional involvement of the entrepreneur and his stakeholders, the hectic pace of the process, solving the various problems which inevitably crop up in this type of process and the creativity which is necessary to arrive at a deal all appeal to Ferry. This is also the reason that Ferry’s favourite activity is supporting entrepreneurs at acquisitions. As a partner, Ferry is, of course, an entrepreneur, but he is also a project leader who prefers to support entrepreneurs daily with their questions regarding the selling or buying of companies, management buy-outs, management buy-ins and also the separation of multiple shareholders.