Falco Versteegh


About Falco

After Falco successfully completed his Bachelor of Business Administration at the VU, he started his Master of Financial Management at Utrecht University in 2019. During this master he opted for a specialisation in M&A because that was where his interest lay. During his bachelor and master Falco worked as a client specialist at Brand New Day and Financial Markets Analyst at ECR Research. The last six months of his master he did an internship at the Valuations department of PwC to gain practical and relevant experience in addition to his master. He then chose to join Marktlink as a consultant in 2020.

Falco’s link with Marktlink

My family is made up of many entrepreneurs, which is why entrepreneurship has been so important to me. The love and passion with which entrepreneurs work on their businesses motivate me to get the best out of myself. At a young age I experienced a company takeover that sparked my interest in M&As. During my studies, this interest grew and I decided to enrich my master’s with practical experience in company takeovers through an internship. There I found out that deals are often purely about figures and not about the story of the entrepreneurs. At Marktlink, the entrepreneurs are the main focus and it is the challenge to make the best deal for them every time. That way, as a consultant, you are also doing business yourself. By working on the entire process from A to Z, you can achieve the best for the client in every stage. Precisely because of this working method of Marktlink, I can contribute to the best deals for the client’.