Dave Kooij


About Dave

Dave grew up in Oud-Beijerland and later moved to Rotterdam to study Business Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam. During his bachelor’s degree he had the opportunity to study at the National ChengChi University in Taiwan for six months. After the 3-year bachelor, Dave successfully completed the master Finance & Investments in Rotterdam. With his master’s degree he saw an opportunity to further deepen his interests in the M&A profession. Dave has an affinity with entrepreneurs due to his previous working experience in the SME sector.

Dave’s link with Marktlink

“Growing up in an entrepreneurial family sparked my interest in entrepreneurship and everything that comes with it. My interest in entrepreneurship and my affinity with entrepreneurs, combined with my interest in the analytical aspect of deal making made Marktlink a logical step in my career. I also believe it’s important that Marktlink allows me to be involved in the entire process of mergers and acquisitions so I can guide entrepreneurs through this challenging process. Finally, what appeals to me at Marktlink is the ambition and drive that everyone in the organization radiates.”