Cédric Tijmes


About Cédric

Cédric received his bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration at the University of Amsterdam. After this, he further specialised during the Master in Finance with a specialisation in Corporate Finance, again at the University of Amsterdam. After a successful internship at Pointer Corporate Finance, Cédric started working there as an analyst to take his first steps in the M&A world. After an instructive year at Pointer, it was time for a new environment. In January 2022 Cédric joined Marktlink Mergers & Acquisitions in the Amsterdam office.

Cédric’s link with Marktlink

“My interest in M&A started during my bachelor’s degree and was further developed during my master’s degree. During my time at Pointer, I discovered that in addition to an affinity for the analytical and financial side of the business, I also have a great passion for the commercial aspect. In addition, a larger company that focuses on SMEs was very interesting to me. The link with Marktlink was quickly made for these reasons. I get a lot of energy from working with passionate and successful entrepreneurs at a defining point in their lives, in order to realise a great deal together time and time again.”